Who are you, ‘really’?

I have found, that life is life! The best we can do with it is to live it. But better than best would be to make it count—not for anyone else, but to make it count for YOU! No matter where it takes you, don’t give up on it, because no matter where you may find yourself, unknown to you, just a few steps away, is a turn in the road that you can’t yet see, leading you to your best ever life!

Many people start withdrawing from life as sorrows hit them. These sorrows come from losses…the loss of a child, a loved one, someone close to us, or the loss of material stuff, an income or prestige of some sort. Many people’s only identity is these external fixtures, that a quirk of fate can take away from us. How strange then, to be so disconnected with yourself, that  according to you, you’re only a ‘title’ — a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher etc… or a ‘proprietor’, an ‘owner’, of a business or property, or material wealth etc. What if this title, or what you own, gets taken away? Who would you be then? What would be your identity?

This piece is not a lecture about materialism—it is about the REAL person who lives inside you. Most of us are not even aware of this ‘person’ that lives inside us, waiting for its day in the sun?

A very useful and powerful exercise in therapy circles is to make a list of all the ways you and your acquaintances describe and see you (an impression you’ve taken a lot of trouble to create) and then one by one, remove these descriptions till you are just YOU, without a name, title, wealth, material possessions.

Who would you be then? Would you know this person that you truly are, inside? How closely do you recognize her/him? Do you like this person? Could you live with this person if the trappings were taken away? Yes? No?

Think deeply about it, then proceed to become the person you could love, respect, honor, trust, and feel safe with. If you’re not there yet, there’s work to be done!

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