The Nutcracker ballet at San Francisco

2013-12-29 13.40.17Today, we were 4 adults and three children (4 males, and 3 females) who went to  see the world famous ballet The Nutcracker, known in French as Le Casse-Noisette. The age range of our party was from 6 years to 60 plus, but none had seen it before. It was really, really exciting then, that each and every one of us loved it immensely! What added to the pleasure of the experience was the superbly beautiful building it was staged in. This grand edifice, pictured alongside, was built in 1923 and has been used since then for some well known shows as well as meetings of historic importance!

2013-12-29 14.58.43

To commemorate all those who participated in World War I, it was named The War Memorial Opera House of San Francisco. It is home to the San Francisco Ballet Company, and is a very special building indeed. I’m a real sucker for beauty and elegance and found this Opera House winning on every score. In the lobby they had erected this beautiful Nutcracker Christmas Tree which people were posing against for pictures :)! Adding to the sophisticated ambiance were little carts selling Prosecco by the glass and other drinks.

2013-12-29 13.57.50The interior is absolutely enchanting, as can be seen in this picture of the stage and the proscenium*. Such buildings aren’t made everyday, and not much any more… they’re reflections of a bygone era! I hope the few pictures here give the readers an idea of the architecture and the ambience!

San Francisco is a very lovely city, with some fabulous architecture. In the area of the Civic Center, where the Opera House is, there is also the City Hall with its domed roof.

Not far from all these building is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called ‘Anand Phuara’ which translates from Hindi to ‘Fountain of Joy (or Delight)’! If you ever visit San Francisco, go have a meal there and order the Quesadilla with Portobello Mushrooms and melted cheese — for dessert, have their prize-winning chocolate cake! Yummy 🙂 — we had a pretty amazing day!

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