The most sold wine in the world is…

…Charles Shaw! Yep it’s the wine most sold in the world, selling at the extremely popular grocery store chain called Trader Joe’s in the US. It is popularly known as “Two Buck Chuck”… sold in California for $1.99 for the longest time, and in the rest of the US for about $2.79 to $3.79! ‘Chuck’, of course, is the nickname for the name Charles. Since January 2013, though, the price in California too has gone up, to $2.49. Trader Joe’s have defended their decision about this hike by saying that the wine just costs more to make now…and why not?

So, what exactly is Two Buck Chuck? It is a line of California chardonnay, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc, made from surplus wine, bought up in bulk, bottled under the Charles Shaw label and sold exclusively at Trader Joe’s stores. People at Trader Joe’s have described it as a functional wine, and say that this would be the best description for the wine. They recommend to keep expectations reasonable before opening a bottle, and then we’re sure to like it! Critics have rated it from ‘bad’ to ‘very drinkable’. It is its price of course, that helps Trader Joe’s sell millions of bottles annually!


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