The Magic of Fall…

Fall is a very special time in North America! There’s a sense of urgency everywhere to take full advantage of the sunny days with blue skies, and the still warmer temperatures than what is around the corner, as winter gets closer. People try and get out as much as they can, to enjoy the most popular activities of the season which are apple picking, pumpkin and sunflower events, viewing the ‘changing of the colors (or leaves)’, also known as the ‘turning of the leaves’, all expressions for the changing of the color of the leaves on trees anywhere from yellow, to orange, to red, to burgundy, and all the shades between. Fall is spectacular, especially on the east coast of Canada and the United States!

2013-09-28 15_50_12

Today, I went apple picking at Maniadakis Organic Orchard. The owner, Emmanuel Maniadakis is a very hard working horticulturist, a leader in organic practices in these parts. I tasted and learnt the difference between Cortland, Spartan, Smoothie and Gala varieties of apples, and found that I liked the ‘smoothie’ the best, not too sweet, tart and crisp, it was pretty delicious. Good thing apples stay well long, because I picked and bought a whole lot– it will be a while before they finish!

To the left is a fully laden ‘Smoothie’ apple tree. A joy to behold, and a delight to taste!

photo (1)While I went apple picking to the south of Montreal, a friend went up north, into the Laurentian mountains. This stunning picture of trees seemingly aflame is from today! The riot of color has to be seen to be believed…people make sure to plan timely outings in order not to miss these vistas. It’s not a good idea to wait too long and take a chance with rain and strong winds as these make the leaves soggy, and often make them fall before their time!

2013-09-28 17_58_42 

Although in the south it takes longer for the leaves to turn, nevertheless, I too saw some fantastic views. Here’s the picture of a beautiful tree, slowly changing colors! Some spectacular reds were too far for a good picture.

With the Canadian Thanksgiving upon us, it’s time now to bring home a pumpkin (the American Thanksgiving is on the last Thursday of November) — it’s time to go to a pumpkin farm next, and soon… 🙂


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