The ‘Gym Where No One Goes’ :)

415649In my twenty years in Canada, during three different years, I took the annual membership in three different gyms — the Y, the Women’s Y, and Energy Cardio and didn’t make more than three visits to any. Hmmm…the number 3 is jinxed for me, it seems, where gyms are concerned :)! Did I feel remorse? Oh, yes…and I was very self-judgemental, telling myself that I was literally throwing money away…at the rate of 45-50 bucks x12, a year. Over time I just got over it, until yesterday when I completely forgave myself, and let go of any residual regret :)!

It happened when a friend came over and told me she saw ‘something very funny on TV’. It was part of a comedy show. And this is how it went:

A man asks his friend, if he had made any new year resolutions. The friend replies, “Well I decided to get fit, and to spend more time with my girlfriend — I didn’t do enough of either of these in the previous year!”

The man asked, “So, what are your plans?”

The friend replied, “A new gym has opened in my neighborhood, called ‘The Gym Where No One Goes’ — I have taken the annual membership for myself and my girlfriend. She and I are going to schedule time to train together, and then, since we WON’T go to our gym, we’ll hang out together and spend some quality time with each other.”

thumbGMMHDYW0Are you scratching your head? I was too :)…until I realized that every gym has members that take membership, and then DON’T go ;)!

So, what did I do, instead? I started taking courses in flamenco dancing, a few times a week. I realized that if there’s no pleasure in it, don’t go to the gym!!! Just look for activities that are fun, and bring pleasure. If you made any fitness goals at the beginning of the year, do stop and think about this…


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