The angels in our lives <3

1017495_10152951367610370_506134639_nIn life, everyone who crosses our path, is an angel in disguise… but it takes a lot of personal growth to finally understand this!

Some of these ‘angels’ come into our life to bring us lessons, so we may begin to understand our fears and insecurities, and hopefully grow and evolve enough to overcome them! This leads to deep inner healing, making us more complete, and authentic human beings!

Then there are ‘angels’ who meet us with love… to help us open our hearts more, to experience an expansiveness we didn’t know we were capable of!

What we need to understand is that at a soul level we attracted each one of them to us — some of them for the lessons we needed to learn for our growth, and some others for the support their love brings to us, helping us to stay standing in the face of the harshness of the lessons to be learned in life!

In the final analysis, it’s ALL good…


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