Teething Troubles – Technology – Tyranny

thThis isn’t me, but it’s how I look today — overwhelmed with the above Ts! The teething troubles of setting up a blog are compounded by the tyranny of being minimally technologically adept. 🙁

Hopefully it’ll all get easier as the days pass! As a complete non-techie I’m just not able to quickly make this blog look like the end-picture I have in my head. Oh well…patience is the name of the game, and I do know where to get the help from — a techie friend, and those nice guys at hostgator.com, my hosting service. In the meantime I’m just going to have fun posting here—the real reason for starting this blog!

Somewhere in the world it’s Happy Hours :)…5 à 7* in French, referring to the p.m. hours! I have stuff to do, but if you have a glass in your hand, then here’s a virtual ‘cheers’ in French, Santé!**

*  Pronounced ‘sank aa set’                                                                                                                          ** Pronounced ‘sawn-tay’ in Parisian French; ‘saan-tay’ in Québec French (The word means ‘health’…an abbreviation of ‘To your health’!)

4 thoughts on “Teething Troubles – Technology – Tyranny

  1. Aimée Fawn

    Congratulations on starting your blog Kiki! We are going through these “t’s” literally together, as it has been about the same amount of time for me to get to this point, and made my first post to my own blog yesterday! It is really a big job to get it off the ground, so I will drink to that as well! Santé!


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