Technology wimp no more :)

My knowledge of technology is not very strong and so, it has taken me months and months to buy myself a tablet, so I could blog on the go! I finally bought myself one, and this is my first blog post, on the go. I am absolutely delighted to be sitting in this office building, with 2 hours to kill ( I don’t really like this expression, it sounds violent to me, but will leave it here  this time, because it does exist 🙂 )… between two ESL students. For long, I considered this sort of waiting a waste of time (waste is better than kill 🙂 ), an occupational hazard that I just had to learn to deal with. But it always bothered me that on some days my blog post didn’t get written at the end of the day, either because my days were too long, or I was too tired by the end of the day — and yet, I’d had time during the day but no access to a computer. Lugging my laptap around was not an option, as I didn’t like carrying the extra weight. And now, I’m going to be just fine :)))

Another thing II’m really thrilled about is that even though this building, where I am right now, doesn’t have an open wi-fi, I have learned to create a hotspot with my phone so that my tablet has a wi-fi connection :)! Yaaayyyy… from being a tech-zero, I’m feeling like a tech-hero!!! The next thing to accomplish is downloading pictures, and I’ll be all set :)!

Yippy dabadoo 🙂 🙂 🙂


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