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Some fun wine quotes :)

Wine lovers, and all others who like a good quote will get a kick out of these :)!

*  “The discovery of a good wine is increasingly better for mankind than the discovery of a new star.” ~Leonardo da Vinci, Italian Renaissance polymath*, 1452-1519 — Would you believe he said this ;)? I admire the man still more now!
*  “Give me books, fruit, French wine, fine weather, and a little music out of door, played by somebody I do not know.” ~John Keats, famous English poet, in a letter to his sister Fanny, c.1819
*  “A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books.” ~Louis Pasteur, French chemist and microbiologist, 1822-1895
*  “Port is not for the very young, the vain, and the active. It is the comfort of age and the companion of the scholar and the philosopher.” ~Evelyn Waugh, English writer, journalist, reviewer, 1903-1966
*  “Boys should abstain from all use of wine until after their eighteenth year, for it is wrong to add fire to fire.” ~Plato, Greek philosopher and mathematician, 428/427 or 424/423 BC – 348/347 BC) — Hmmm… did he mean it was alright for girls to start before 18 ;)?
Make it a great day! 🙂
*A Polymath is someone who knows a lot about many different things