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Wine Quiz (4)

475396,1326227577,2Here are some odd but interesting questions and their answers — knowledge you don’t really need to have ;), although such trivia does make life more interesting!

Q.1 — What is the longest recorded flight of a champagne cork?

Q.2 — What is the name of the dimple at the bottom of a wine bottle?

Q.3 — On which day and month is the Beaujolais Nouveau (New Burgundy Wine) officially released for sale each year?

Q.4 — Decanting wine is done for what two purposes?

Q.5 — During Prohibition, what one specific purpose were wines made for?



A. 1 — 177 feet 9 inches

A.2 — The punt

A.3 — The third Thursday in November

A.4 — Separating sediment and for aerating the wine, popularly known as letting the wine breathe

A.5 –Sacramental wine

I’ll leave you all with an interesting quote by novelist Robert Louis Stevenson: “Wine is bottled poetry!” Anyone disagree? 😉


Information we don’t need – Wine Quiz 3 ;)

2014-01-09 16_53_43Here are some more wine related fun facts — simply fun, not necessary for survival or anything serious 🙂


Q1. Who said: “Champagne wishes, and caviar dreams”?

Q2. Which five celebrities have wine bottled under their own name?

Q3. Wine bottled by which celebrity couple won a prize in France in 2013?

Q4. Who said, “Penicillin may cure human beings, but it is wine that makes them happy”?

Q5. What would you call a person who appreciates and/or collects wine?

Drum roll, please…for the answers 🙂

A1. Robin Leach, the entertainment celebrity reporter and writer used to wish people ‘Champagne wishes, and caviar dreams’!

A2. Francis Ford Coppola, Dan Ackroyd, Wayne Gretzky, Kyle McLaughlin, Drew Bledsoe, Mario Andretti, and Greg Norman.

A3. A rosé wine named Jolie-Pitt & Perrin Côtes de Provence Rosé Miraval, No. 84 has been placed by the renowned wine magazine Wine Spectator on its list of the top 100 wines of 2013. And yes, “Jolie-Pitt” is really in the name, referring to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The wine was ranked the highest of any rosé on the list, essentially making it Wine Spectator’s best rosé in the world.

A4. Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin. He was a Scottish biologist, pharmacologist and botanist.

A5. An Oenophile*.

*Pronounced Een-e-file, a person who greatly loves wine and studies it.


Here’s more from the ‘wine napkins’ :)

2014-01-09 16_53_57The first quiz from my newly bought ‘wine quiz paper napkins appeared on January 9 — you may look for it if you missed it. Here’s the second one, five questions and five answers :)!

Q1. What’s the difference between Syrah and Shiraz?

Q2. Is sherry made from white grapes or red?

Q3. What does the term ‘blanc de noir’ refer to?

Q4. What country has the largest per capita wine consumption?

Q5. What do ‘rabbit’ and ‘butterfly’ refer to in the world of wine?

And here ladies and gentlemen, are the answers 🙂

A1. Syrah is the grape name used in France, Europe and USA — Shiraz is what it is referred to in Australia, Canada and South Africa.

A2. White grapes.

A3. White wine made from red or black grapes.

A4. Hold your breath — The Vatican 🙂

A5. These are two different kinds of bottle-openers 🙂

Enjoy :)! Tchin tchin, Cheers, Santé, Salud 🙂


How many grapes in a bottle of wine?

2014-01-09 16_53_57On my recent trip to California I walked into a housewares store and found some very interesting and funny paper napkins. One of these had two wine-related queries and answers on each napkin, with a total of 40 questions in the packet of 20 napkins. What fun, I thought, and bought them for the Wine and Wine Trivia category of this blog! Here’s a quiz for wine lovers, from this set of napkins. The questions are in the first part, the answers in the second — and you guessed right that there’ll be more such quizzes, from these napkins! Enjoy 🙂

Q1. What’s the average number of grapes required to make a bottle of wine?

Q2. How many varieties of wine grapes exist in the world?

Q3. How many bubbles are there in a bottle of champagne?

Q4. What 3 types of grapes are used for sparkling wine and champagne production?

Q5. What is “plonk”?

2014-01-09 16_53_43


A1. About 600-800.

A2. 10,000 documented; 230 used.

A3. 49 million bubbles 🙂

A4. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier.

A5. Inexpensive or poor quality wine.

I hope you’re happy that you’re smarter now, than when you started reading this post, even if it’s only wine-related information 😉 — and if your score was 0, please don’t be mad and serve me ‘plonk’ when I next see you 😉