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3 extraordinary hotels

Searching the internet for something, I came upon these absolutely spectacular hotels. Making a mental note to put them on my bucket list, I decided to write about them here as well!

1. Marques de Riscal, Spain

lux1539ex_109637_xxLocated in the Vinos de los Herederos del Marques de Riscal vineyard near the medieval village of Elciego, this beautiful hotel is a wine connoisseur’s dream. The wine cellars at the bottom of the hotel were designed in 1858 by the architect Ricardo Bellsola.

The hotel has 43 luxury rooms, each unique and different in their shapes due to the outlandish structure of the building. Thus, each room offers a different view out into the spectacular vineyards.


I am quite frankly, stunned by the architecture, which is at once absolutely gorgeous, and yet surreal! I thought I had already seen the best of Frank Gehry’s architectural feats but for me, this beats them all! I can not find enough adjectives to describe it!

2. Desert Lotus Hotel, Mongolia

untitledIn the isolated Xiangshawan Desert in Mongolia lies a magnificent hotel surrounded by a circle of white tents. The tents were rotated at 45 degrees and connected together to look like a lotus flower.

The resort was built without tiles and bricks due to the rugged climate, and instead with ‘greener’ materials that take advantage of the solar, water and wind energy in the desert. The tents were erected to protect the hotel against the elements.

Due to its difficult geographic condition, a new structural system was developed by the builders of the hotel to keep it in place. Instead of using concrete or water, the building is fixed with steel panels with sand at its base.

3.  Lake Palace, India

JamesBondLocations04_CNT_24Aug12_istock_b_646x430A hotel floating on water, the Lake Palace has 83 rooms and suites all decked with marble floors. The hotel is located on a large rock called Jag Niwas Island, in Lake Pichola.

The hotel has a speed boat that transports guests to and fro. It has many times been voted the most romantic hotel in India, and in the world, and the James Bond movie Octopussy, made it famous all over the world. It was built between 1743-1746 under the direction of Maharana Jagat Singh II, the 62nd successor to the royal dynasty of Mewar. It was meant to be a royal summer palace and was originally called Jag Niwas after its founder.

lw1891_28050970_720x450And lastly, never forget to keep dreaming of experiences you’d like to have… write them down on a piece of paper… allow yourself to feel the energy of what it would be like to have this dream come true, and then relax and allow it to manifest… It may take a while but it will show up… just believe and trust :)!

If any reader has been to an extraordinary place they would like me to write about, please let me know… thank you! 🙂