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Memories from last summer — Seville, Spain

Even though I haven’t travelled to most countries in the world I do consider myself well-travelled. What happens to well-travelled people, I find, is that we get jaded and are not too easily impressed, because not every place meets our expectation and anticipation of matching the last peak experience. Sad, but true!


Last summer, in July 2014, I travelled to Seville, Spain, filled with eager anticipation for two reasons—taking flamenco classes in the heart of the region where this dance was born, and secondly, the reputation of Seville as an enchanting, magical city that steals your heart away!

I’m happy to report that I was not disappointed on either count; I’ve lost my heart to Seville! When I returned, it was with the intention of returning right back within two or three months. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened but I know I’ll be returning soon—never a day goes by that I’m not juggling my time around to go back for a week or so, to relive the exquisite memories :)!

Since returning from Seville, I have become pretty active on Tripadvisor and contributed several reviews of the sites there. Here’s one about the Seville Cathedral (Catedral de Sevilla):

10348550_10152481023176327_6211924330985850451_n  “Awe-inspiring”

Very beautiful, and replete with history! Christopher Columbus’ tomb is inside; must climb the Giralda Tower for sweeping views of the city and take pictures  — you can visit the cathedral and climb the tower at different times, or on different days, if you wish, but will then have to buy the entry ticket a second time. This is what I did, but no regrets as to fully enjoy the place needs time and energy, and legs that aren’t too tired! If you have the time, give yourself between 2-3 hours (I took almost three), to slowly read everything and take in the history, resting on the many benches and seating available. Also houses the second largest pearl in the world!”

If you go before I return, please give lots of my hugs and kisses to this magical city!