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Very innovative food ideas — SIAL* 2014

[SIAL* — Salon international l’alimentation — an annual Food Tradeshow recently held in Montreal, on April 2, 3 and 4. Please read the last four posts here (if you missed them) to learn more about my visit there.]

As may be expected, a tradeshow of this caliber has very innovative and creative food ideas on display! Some things that left me gasping were the following — either for appearance, or taste, or both taste and appearance :)!

2014-04-04 11_57_07 (1)

The first of these fantastic displays of ‘caviar’ made with sea-weed! No need to cut up sturgeons and salmon for their roe (fish eggs), in fact being made of seaweed makes this product healthier! The four tumblers have four different flavors… the dark-colored one in the foreground is the sturgeon flavored caviar, the dark one in the back is truffle-flavored, the green is wasabi flavored and the red, salmon-flavored…on a party-table, these would certainly be the ‘pièce de résistance’, the conversation piece!

2014-04-04 12_08_32


Next is an almost empty tray of sesame cookies from a company in Jordan. I have yet to eat a sesame product which is so delicious :)! As you can tell, people come from very far to attend this show! At this kiosk I was offered another product, a small ball-like shape — dates covered with pastry, very delicious too.

2014-04-04 11_34_15

And the last was something tasty with a very appetizing appearance. It’s a recipe you all may try. Take good quality olive oil, add chopped up sun-dried tomatoes preserved in oil, add small sized bread croutons and serve them in individual servings on spoons. Mamma mia 🙂 — delizioso**!!!

**Delicious in Italian 🙂