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If you have a quiet home

I just returned home after a hectic afternoon with friends from my flamenco group — an hour of intensive practice; some time devoted to discussing our progress and planning future practice sessions, and some to planning our forthcoming trip to Seville, Spain. Added to that was a bit of urgent shopping, for items I had to run around a bit to find. When I finally got home, turned the key in my door and stepped into the hallway, I was, as I always do, filled with a sense of deep peace and quietude.

I feel very blessed to have such a peaceful, quiet home, in very quiet and peaceful surroundings. As I connected with this tangible feeling of tranquility, the lines from a poem I had learnt in Grade 7 flashed through my mind. The name of the poem was ‘A Quiet Room’, written by Patience Strong (her ‘nom de plume’/pen name).

“If you have a quiet room
Then you are truly blessed.
For only in a quiet room
Can heart and mind find rest.”

I changed the word room to ‘home’ in the title of today’s post because that’s my situation, but for those who have only a room they can call their own, in a larger home or building, I hope it’s a quiet one, a calm one where you can be still within. For, to hear inner wisdom we have to have quiet surroundings, or the external noise just takes over our life.

I often wonder at people who need constant noise around them, and when they’re by themselves they have headphones or earphones stuck in their ears with sometimes music blasting away so loud that others around them can hear it. When do these people enjoy the sound of silence, I ask myself.

We live in miraculous bodies, that also receive intelligent information from nature, from the Universe, and if we’re never calm and quiet, within and without, chances are we’re existing at a very superficial level, completely disconnected from our Source!

My wish for everyone here is a few moments of stillness and quietude in your day so that you may walk more gently through your life <3