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SIAL — If you read the previous post…

2014-04-04 17_59_38…you will know how enthused I am about the Food Tradeshow SIAL, that took place in Montreal this year on April 2, 3 and 4. As in the previous two shows, this time too, I discovered some wonderful new items, along with the old traditional staples like olive oil, maple syrup, small scale productions of liquors and wines, coffee, chocolate, breads, desserts, amongst others. These latter are the reason I started visiting SIAL, as I am always on a quest for better and better olive oil, coffee, chocolate and breads.

One of my favorite things about a show of this caliber is the extremely high quality of the products seen there. A small example is the pecan nuts I tasted at the section of foods from the United States. I have never seen or tasted pecans of this color, size, freshness, and taste (picture below)…incredible at all levels. Now I’m spoiled 🙂

2014-04-04 16_31_35I shared the pecan samples with a friend who travels to the US often and he too found them of extremely high quality. This is nothing to do with SIAL, but as someone who travels frequently by road to Florida he said they must come from Georgia (I have yet to investigate that) and told me that all along the highway, signs of pecan groves and pecan products for sale are ever-present. One of his favorites is the ‘pecan roll’, which is not a baked good like a cinnamon roll but a nougat/fudge like item, covered with crushed pecan nuts. He’s promised to bring me some to taste the next time. In the meantime I checked online and found info at this link:


There’s lots more to come from my experiences at SIAL… stay tuned! 🙂