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Our true essence…

There’s a beautiful quote that goes: “Our true essence is revealed in moments of unexpected change!”* I first saw the quote more than 15 years ago, when one of the students in my Transpersonal Psychotherapy (Psychosynthesis) class had shared it in one of our workshops. The quote had had** a big impact on me, then. In fact, it had truly startled me. You see, I had never made a connection between who I was as a person, to how I reacted to unexpected situations OR looking at it in reverse, I didn’t think that how I reacted to situations had anything to do with the person I thought I was. It stunned me, therefore, to realize that one went with the other. If an unexpected situation arose, of course I was not going to be pleased, because I saw it as a disruption in my day, and a disappointment to me…

But then, it made me think about what kind of a person this made me… And how did I feel about being a person who lost control, even though only on the inside, when my wishes or desires were thwarted***???? Hmmm…it didn’t feel nice at all! I knew right away, this quote was a wonderful mirror to evaluate who I was as a person, and that I could use it to grow as a person :)..and that certainly was a very happy thought! As I continued on my journey, I changed and evolved and after a while didn’t need this reminder on a regular basis. But, being human, I go off track sometimes and then remembering this quote makes me smile 🙂

And, what about YOU? Did reading the above trigger something? Are you alright with being the person you are in moments of unexpected change? If yes, kudos to you — if not, don’t worry…life is a journey, and it’s quite alright to slip or get lost, so long as we reorient ourselves and get back on track 🙂

*When I first saw the quote it was attributed to the Sufi mystic Rumi whose real name was Jalal-ud-din Balkhi but subsequently have no verification of this on google

**had had — for ESL students, this is the past perfect tense 🙂 — yes, there are two ‘hads’ there 😉

***Thwarted means ‘prevented from being accomplished’