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Question: Are you a ‘locavore’? Answer: HUH?

I know, I know — of course you don’t know what’s a ‘locavore’! Well, let’s start at the beginning, shall we? A carnivore is a meat eating animal, a herbivore is a grass and plant eating animal, an omnivore is an animal that eats meat and plants — but what’s a locavore? I can hear you losing patience ;)…


Well, I too didn’t know until half and hour ago… it’s a word so new even my computer is refusing to accept it :)… but while reading a food magazine I came upon this term. Apparently, it’s a new one, and has recently gotten invented in California — and it means ‘to eat fresh and local’ — yep… with more and more emphasis on eating local produce, at its peak of freshness, this new trend is catching on everywhere, although slowly. And a very good thing too, I say — foods that come to us from far off places just don’t have the crispness, the taste and the zest which a freshly picked vegetable or a freshly plucked fruit has.

Spring and summer abound in fresh and local, so a perfect time to really give our taste buds a treat and give them the experience of the ‘real’ taste of thing! I find it so satisfying to bite into a crisp and fresh vegetable, or a fruit, and feel its juices explode in my mouth! How about you?

So now, are you a locavore? Let’s hear a resounding, YES! 🙂