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The rhythm of Life

I have found: Life is a wave; it ebbs and flows…ebbs and flows…and people, mostly, don’t like the ebbing. Left to themselves, they’d just like it to flow, evenly and smoothly, at all times.
Coaching Clients ask me: “Ok–now that I’m doing the work,… when will the ups and downs in my life stop? When will it all flow straight?” I find that that’s a good time to tell them: “Ever seen the reading on an ECG machine? Do you know when the line shows all straight, without the curves?” The question makes them smile, because that line is all straight when someone is dead—otherwise the line must keep curving, like a wave, up and down, ebbing and flowing!What is true, however, is that the more work one does on oneself, the better we get at managing the downs! When we do ‘the work’, our downs don’t last too long; they aren’t too intense, and not unmanageably painful; when we fall, we know how to pick ourselves up again; and we know how to bring life back to a state of balance. The more we do this, the better we get at it and the deeper the peace within. The more peace there is, the harder it is to fall, and stay down too long!

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