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Olive Oils — SIAL* 2014

[SIAL* — Salon international l’alimentation — an annual Food Tradeshow recently held in Montreal, on April 2, 3 and 4. Please read the last two posts here (if you missed them) to learn more about my visit there.]

Logo_Olive_d_Or_2013OLIVE d’OR (Golden Olive) is a leading international olive oil contest held in Canada through the SIAL Tradeshow — a perfect place for someone like me to be, who is always on a quest for the best and the finest in olive oils, amongst some other food products!

It was very pleasant, therefore, to have a few minutes with one of the representatives of the Silver winners of the 2014 Olive d’Or Prize at SIAL, the Oleiva premium oil. This oil is produced by Slama Huiles**, aTunisian company, Tunisia today being one of the largest producers of olive oil in the world.

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The gentleman I spoke with was, of course, disappointed that they didn’t win the gold prize, having won it in another international competition in New York, some years ago. I tasted and loved the Oleiva oil. When they saw the look on my face as I savored the taste, and then asked where I could buy more, they told me they would send me the information soon, and gave me a few small sample bottles, since no selling is permitted at Tradeshows. I’m relishing it at home, treating it like liquid gold, which it is :)! They asked me if I would do an interview with them, which I readily agreed to, so, please stand by for more on Oleiva!


2014-04-06 12.39.11-1The pamphlets they gave me have some rich and useful information. The olive tree has a very long history in the Mediterranean region. The culture of olive oil goes back to years BC. It was first brought to Tunisia from the Middle East by the ancient Phoenician founders of Carthage. From ancient times Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and all civilizations in the region have been passing the olive oil cultivation and production know-how down to the successive generations.

Slama Huiles has been in the hands of the same family for three generations, continuing a 2000 year old tradition from their ancient olive grove “Domaine Le Baron”.

Besides it use in food, especially as a dipping oil with crusty breads (my favorite), olive oil is full of medicinal and nutritional value, which I’ll be writing about at a later date!

**The word ‘Huiles’ means oils in French. The French influence in Tunisia comes from the French colonial Empire era when Tunisia was under the French Protectorate from 1881 to 1956.