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Man — the wildest of animals :( !

I was terribly saddened today :(…and there were only tears, after watching this video and reading the related reports — first, tears of sadness, then of joy ! Who’s the animal here — the elephant, or the one who shot the poisoned arrow into his leg? The punishment for such deeds must be a lifetime behind bars, with no parole, no bail, no reduction of sentence for good behaviour — and for god sakes… governments must STOP this business of ivory trade within legal limits — this will not solve the problem of poaching at all…elephants aren’t trees that may be cut down — NO ivory must be allowed ANYWHERE… and ANY ivory found must be destroyed! Suck it up Hong Kong!!!

Please do check out this link, and post your views in comments. If the link doesn’t open, please copy and paste in your browser. Or you may google the relevant words. Thank you!