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Easy Wine Appreciation :)

2014-01-28 22_00_04I was in Boston this past weekend, spending quality time with family which always includes a gourmet meal or two, rural New England walks, and at least one visit to a bookstore! The bookstore visit this time was to The Concord Bookstore, on Main Street, in Concord, Massachusetts—a lovely and peaceful privately owned bookstore where we browsed for a while and then bought a few books. With this blog in mind, the book I bought is a fabulous ‘guide to becoming a wine expert’, or so claims the author, Richard Betts :)! Considered one amongst the top 200 Master Sommeliers in the world, he says his goal is to help people think of wine as a ‘grocery’, not as a ‘luxury’! This man sure speaks my language, and for sure deserved the $20 I paid for the book!

2014-01-28 22_01_31

In his book, called ‘The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert’ he writes, “when my work is done, we’ll all have wine like civilized people do the world over — at lunch, at dinner, with food, family, and friends. Doesn’t matter what it is — heck, pour it out of a pitcher, pull it out of a box, drink it out of a tumbler — just as long as it makes you smile.” I completely agree 🙂 — this is the spirit we should approach wine with! You all can rest assured there’ll be sharings from this book in the next few weeks — the author makes it SO easy to understand and appreciate wine. Tucked away in the book, is a map (picture here), to help you understand the different features of different wines the world over, and evaluate for yourself which ones are right for your palate!

Thank you Richard Betts 🙂 — live long and prosper!