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Et voilà — here it is…my

…handsome new baby ;)! I got it today, and am very excited!

2013-11-20 22_28_03

And now comes the fun, but hard, part — have had to file my nails down completely; my fingertips are already hurting from pressing on those metal strings, and I have yet to start serious practice! But how do you eat an elephant? Yep…one bite at a time (sorry for grossing out any vegetarians out there–you do know it’s just an expression ;)! ). Receiving great support from friends. One has already written in to ask to be the first to have my disc when it’s out…hahaha… In 10 years, I told her…if at all ;)!

Luckily, I have a very patient teacher, who also found me this beautiful guitar at an incredible price. It’s a Godin, Art & Lutherie cutaway, Those who haven’t yet checked out the post ‘Just TEN songs’ from Nov. 16 may want to do so if you want to understand the excitement behind this guitar story.

One of the holy books of the Hindus says that the gods you pray to are the gods you’ll meet when you die. I’m sure the gods who’ll come to receive me, then, will ask, “Did you sing enough? Did you dance enough?” And I know they’ll be happy that I did 😉