So, who wants to be happy?

It seems everyone wants to be happy, but most people believe they have no real control over having happiness in their lives. What if I told you that was far from true and that having happiness is only a matter of choosing to be it. If interested to know more, then please read on! I’ll start by asking you to keep an open mind as you read the next few sentences. What if happiness was not related to the gratification of our desires, as most of the world believes? What if it were a deeper sense of peace and joy within, that is present for no reason at all? Does this sound too radical an idea? Why not take a look at what’s being suggested here, and try it out, for some fun for now?

What we’re going to do is, every night, before going to bed, write down in a notebook, 5 things that we can be grateful for, that happened that very day—things that brought us a feeling of joy, happiness, even relief…or any other positive emotion that lifted us up in any way at all. We will call this notebook our ‘Gratitude Journal’. If you wish to write more than 5 items in it then go ahead, but the first 5 reasons for being grateful must be related to events from this same day. After that, you may add whatever else in your life you’re grateful for. After all, knowing we have reasons to be grateful, creates a feeling of well-being, and life takes on a more positive meaning!

What this expressing of gratitude does and how it works is, it almost immediately brings us a feeling of relief, relaxes us at a deep level and changes our brain-chemistry by helping release endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormones , which when present in the body, act as natural painkillers and provide a sense of comfort, wellness and happiness. This breaks the cycle of depression, and the sense of feeling low or run down. Continuing with writing in your ‘Gratitude Journal’ will slowly, but completely alter how you feel each and every day, and happiness will become a habit. And this is where the fun begins: This sense of well-being will attract more of the same to you, because as we know, like attracts like! WE are the magnets that attracts the good or the bad into our lives. You will see that instead of attracting negative circumstances and events in your life, you will gradually begin to attract those that are a reflection of your relaxed and happy inner state, and match it fully. This will begin with baby-steps, so don’t lose faith!

I can’t emphasize enough, that as you go along being positive, and working on changing yourself and evolving as a happier, calmer, more positive person, you will find that you will attract more and more experiences in your life which will make your life more joyful! This WILL happen — guaranteed :)! Now go get that notebook and pen…

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