New wine enthusiasts… or old compulsive drinkers ;)

Here’s a back-to-basics post on wine appreciation — how to learn to appreciate and enjoy it more!

untitledIt all begins with your nose. Yep — your nose, not your tongue and mouth. For longtime drinkers, who start gulping their wine as soon as it is poured into a glass, STOP!… You might as well be drinking any other alcoholic drink, if this is what you’re doing! Wine needs gentle handling and deserves love and appreciation by slowing down and following a few steps outlined here…

* FIRST SNIFF — pour a bit of wine, then put your nose into the glass and sniff. R-e-a-l-l-y sniff, and try and identify what aromas you can smell. Why this is important is because the full taste of anything includes its smells…this is true of everything we eat and drink.

* THEN SWIRL the glass, helping to release more aromas and smells. Now back to the nose in the glass, to identify still more smells. Look for fruit smells, woody smells, earthy smells or any other ‘unknowns’ — don’t worry if you find nothing… it may take some practice.

* NOW SIP — slowly partially filling your mouth and…

* SWILL the wine around in the mouth, gently, ladies may do so delicately ;)…this will bring the experience of the full taste of the wine, and help you decide if you like it or now!

Do be careful not to judge hastily because sometimes it takes a few sips to decide. Also, food that you’re eating will affect the taste. For pure tasting, it’s best to cut up a baguette and eat that as you taste wine. Take your time… and enjoy! Cheers! 🙂


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