My Bucket List – hope you have one too ;)

So, what is it that YOU want to have accomplished before you kick the bucket? This can be a large topic, so, perhaps we can start by making our travel lists! I have several fun trips coming up that I’m very excited about, specially the places I haven’t been to yet. The first of these is New Orleans.

thCA892HF8Also known as the Big Easy, New Orleans, as  all travel buffs know, provides heightened   sensory experiences and is a sheer delight for the gustatory and visual senses! I want to go there for the history and culture, the music and the food! If you’re reading this blog, and have tips for not-to-miss Jazz Clubs, restos,   and dishes to try, please mention them in comments. Thank you! The picture on the left is Bourbon Street, by night!


Here, on the right, is one of the most famous pictures of the Big Easy, depicting the French Quarter…



thCALV9P76Again and again, people have found what  they put down in a list, often came true — it’s almost like it becomes a prayer! How about you? What will bring laughter into your heart, a grin to your lips, joy on your face and light in your eyes? Think about it – and make that list…Trust me, you’ll be glad you did! To the left is another view of Bourbon Street…

 Travelling to your favorite places will widen your horizons; change you, and your whole perspective of the world, forever! There are places to see, people to meet, cultures to experience, foods to taste…and as we learn to have a greater understanding of our planet, which opens our hearts and our minds, we also learn to look at our own lives and countries with new appreciative eyes! And to that, I say, SALUD!*

Do you even have a passport? Apply for one today 😉

*In keeping with the tradition of learning to say ‘Cheers’ in different languages, today’s is SALUD — ‘Cheers’ in Spanish, in both Spain and South America. Pronunciation: SAA-LOOD


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