Money, money, money

Most of us have a very hypocritical attitude to money. Most people feel very torn by statements such as, “Money doesn’t bring us happiness”, and see that as synonymous with “Money is not important”. Now, we know we need money, we know it is important—it is vital for our survival at one end, and it buys us creature comforts and pleasure at the other. But, when we are brainwashed into believing it’s not important, we are then conflicted, and this sends us into a space of guilt because we tend to believe that giving importance to money must mean we’re unspiritual, and “bad”!

Well, to me, the problem with all of this is the impression that ‘happiness’ is synonymous with ‘important’! The implication that these two unrelated words, ‘important’ and ‘happiness’, mean the same is at the root of the confusion. To put everything into perspective, let’s separate the two words by making two different sentences:

* Money is important for our survival

* Happiness is a state of mind needing nothing external

And now let’s keep it this way! Yes, with money, in addition to survival, we may buy relief, comfort, pleasant moments, but these are always transitory, and last until we return to our original state of unhappiness, and then need more money to prop ourselves up, again.

So, to cut the long story short, let us not entangle one with the other, but understand that money is an energy that we exchange for our needs and wants. And again, it’s important to remember that the satisfaction of these needs and wants brings us relief, pleasure, comfort etc. and important as they may be, they don’t bring us happiness.

Happiness always stands alone! And, thank goodness that it does, because otherwise, a person with less money would never know what happiness is!


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