Mesquite, Nevada

No, I’ve never been there — Las Vegas yes, but never to Mesquite, which is only an hour away from Vegas! And yet I’m taking on the challenge of writing about a place I haven’t personally visited but only because a golfer friend just did, and told me of his enthralling experience at the Wolf Creek Golf Club in Mesquite, showed me his pictures, and I made a mental note — here’s another one for the bucket list!


This first picture I got off the web, as I thought it gave a great overview of the layout of the course. It’s a great interactive map…clicking on the different numbers enlarges the view of the hole and describes it in detail, along with  lots more information! It can be found at:

It says on their website, ‘…it will test your game with its stunning layout, overwhelm you with its dazzling beauty and its breath-taking views…all at the same time.’ Quite a description, that, and my friend said exactly the same thing while describing the place. He said he’s definitely going back!

mesquite 2013 212

For more, I’ll let the pictures do the talking! What fascinated me is that these which appear to be rocky hills, aren’t — it is just hardened sand, and this is what makes the landscape so attractive. The golf course seems to be carved out in the barren desert and fairways and greens laid in there. Let’s look at some more pictures — You may wish to check out the website too!

Mesquite 2013 005 (1)

So much rugged beauty here… This gorgeous picture shows the clubhouse in the background, way at the back to the right. In the center, behind the grey rock formation are condos. I’m quite aware that my small pictures aren’t doing justice to the place, unlike the bigger versions on the computer, but hope you get the idea :)…*SIGH* There’s so much beauty on our planet! 🙂

mesquite 2013 232 (1)But golf isn’t all there is, in Mesquite…there are many other activities for the non-golfers too, which includes me. Nearby is the famous Zion National Park with many facilities and activities to participate in. And in and around Mesquite are a host of activities for all tastes and ages! But whether or not I played golf, I would definitely rent a cart for a day and cart around the beautiful Wolf Creek Course! 🙂



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