LAVENDER – the ‘mother’ of all essential oils

untitledLAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL (produced from Lavandula Augustifolia) is the most versatile of all, and is rightly called the ‘mother of essential oils’!

Therapeutic-grade Lavender oil is highly regarded for all skin issues. In addition to that, its fragrance is calming, and emotionally balancing. However, all the benefits are only possible from high grade, cold distilled essential oils with no chemicals used in their production. I get mine from Young Living Essential Oils*, a Utah-based company, renowned for oils so pure that they can be ingested. For this post I have compiled a list of 15 uses of the Lavender Essential Oil that make is a ‘must have’ oil in a home.

1. To reduce and minimize scar tissue form forming, massage the area with Lavender oil.

2. Putting a drop of Lavender on a bee sting or an insect bite may soothe the itching, stinging, and the discomfort.

3. Putting 2-3 drops of Lavender oil may soothe a burn, and prevent blisters from forming.

4. Dropping the oil on a cut may soothe it, preventing infection, inflammation and the forming of a scar. Using on a skin rash may provide relief.

5. To alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness, place a drop of Lavender oil on the tongue, in ad around the navel, and rub some behind the ears.

6. Rubbing the oil on dry, chapped hands, on dry, sunburned lips and on cold sores will bring relief and will heal them fast.

7. Rubbing Lavender oil on the soles of feet may result in a calming effect and smoothening some on your pillow can lead to a good night’s sleep.

8. Rubbing a drop of Lavender oil between your palms and inhaling deeply may help in alleviating the discomfort of allergy reactions from air borne pollen and/or dust.

9. Rubbing several drops into the scalp may help with flaking.

10. Placing a few drops on a cotton ball and placing in your linen closet will pleasantly scent the linen and may help repel moths and insects.

11. A few drops on a wet wash cloth, thrown into the dryer will deodorize your laundry.

12. Diffusing Lavender oil in your home will support the immune system and the body’s natural defences against allergens.

13. Spritzing several drops of Lavender oil mixed with distilled water on a sunburn may calm it down.

14. Apply a couple of drops to the armpits as a deodrant.

15. Having a bottle on you at all times ensures that you never have to suffer the discomfort of finding yourself in malodorous environments.

In such situations, I just open my bottle and inhale deeply. Doing this also provides relief to the lungs when noxious substances such as second hand smoke have been inhaled!

*I must reiterate that if desired results are expected, it is essential that the oils are of a high quality. Very few companies in the world can match the purity of Young Living Essential Oils. To learn more, and to educate yourself, you may click on this link More

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