How to Praise and Encourage a Child :)

smiling_girl_face_clip_art_18793Not all parents, mentors, coaches and leaders know the right way to help a child bloom and blossom, and develop their self-esteem. Some even believe that too much praise can be bad. This would beg the question, how much praise is too much praise? But without worrying about ‘how much’ it is more important to use the right language of praise at the right time. Here are 15 examples of appropriate praise that will go straight to a child’s heart — be sure that it is sincere and from YOUR heart :)!

1. Wow

2. Way to go

3. Super

4. I knew you could do it

5. Fantastic

6. Bravo

7. You’re so smart

8. Good job

9. I like what you do/did

10. Beautiful work

11. I appreciate your help

12. Super work / You’re very creative

13. You’re terrific

14. You’re a real trooper

15. You’re so thoughtful

ALSO: A pat on the back, A big hug, A kiss, A thumbs-up sign, A warm smile, A smile and a secret wink in public.


And NOW, a MOST IMPORTANT part!!! No matter how old we get, inside each and everyone of us is A CHILD PART who did not receive enough praise, or even if he/she did, it may not have been at an appropriate time…and it’s very possible that this child part receives no praise any more. So, PLEASE, praise your child part at EVERY possible opportunity. Say one or more of the above to yourself every time you feel you deserve some praise — and we all deserve SOME praise EACH DAY! 🙂

Hey, YOU’RE A TREASURE :))) — and I mean it from my heart! <3


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