Dance — the very rhythm of life…


…and the very celebration of life! There are dance styles and dance styles, but the one that speaks to each cell of my body, and transports me, is Flamenco — so much so, that it has a core past-life feeling in my body! So, I’m studying it, learning it and for a dance that takes years and years of practice to become sufficiently , I patiently go to my classes, knowing every class makes me just a little better! Oh, and this elegant figure in the red flamenco dress isn’t me, but my perfect image to hold in my mind of a Flamenco dancer, I’d like to dance like one day. Seeing what a late start in life I’ve given myself with it, it’s a good thing I’m good at plodding when I have to do it, without burdening myself with expectations! 😉

Got 29.5 minutes to spare ? Get a cup of coffee or tea, or your favorite tipple if the time is right, and sit back and allow your senses to be drowned in the sheer poetry of this film on flamenco dancing. Please click on this link, and watch on full screen. This Oscar-winning short film is based on the flamenco classes taught by the two internationally known visiting teachers, Susana, and her husband Antonio Robledo from Spain, at the National Ballet School of Canada. OLÉ!*

*Olé is the Spanish equivalent of ‘bravo’

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