Autumn or fall :o?

September 22, and it’s officially fall in the Northern Hemisphere! Known as autumn in the rest of the world, it is called ‘fall’ in the United States and Canada, because of the sun’s continuing falling position in the sky. As the days get shorter, the sun continues to ‘fall’ closer to the horizon until the Winter solstice on December 21st. Before I discovered this fact, I used to think that the word ‘fall’ signified the falling of the leaves from the trees, during this period!

The word ‘autumn’ dates back to ancient Rome, and is also based on the sun’s position in the sky as it refers to the Autumnal Equinox.

2013-09-21 18_20_22As the picture on left shows, the view from my balcony has changed, just as the colors of the leaves are changing! No mistaking the advent of fall — tomorrow is its official arrival! During this time I always feel a shift in my energy, and have a very strong need to nurture myself, and to take my cue from nature and its slowing down, and ‘going inwards’. Most people don’t realize their deep connection with nature, and consider the inner changes we feel at this time as a malady. If nature has its seasons, certainly we do too–being a part of it!

How do YOU feel about fall? How do you feel about the changing seasons, on the whole?

I love and enjoy each one to the hilt! All aspects of them, from the foods, the changes in temperature, resulting in the variety in clothes, to the festivals, fairs, celebrations that each one brings :)! Eagerly anticipating all the gifts fall brings!!! Pumpkin pie, anyone ;)?


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