Ah…Europe, how we love Europe :)

A friend showed me a travel article written by Calgary-based writer Lisa Montforton from June this year, called ’32 things I learned while travelling in Europe’. I so enjoyed the article, and just loved the facts she shared, from a personal trip taken with her daughter earlier in the year. Even though, I’ve travelled through Europe several times myself, I still picked up new information about the food and drink habits, and the culture of certain areas. She seems to have a great sense of humor and injects her wit, tongue in cheek, into most unexpected places. Here’s her description of breakfast, as eaten in France, Italy and Spain ;)!

europeUnder the heading, ‘Breakfast of Champions’, she writes: ‘Don’t expect to go out for a breakfast of pancakes, waffles or eggs and bacon on the continent. In London, yes. The French generally prefer a coffee and cigarette and/or a buttery croissant. In Italy, it’s an espresso* or latte with a roll and a cigarette and in Spain, Café con Leche and a sweet churro’. I have to say her description just cracked me up–knowing how big North-Americans are on our breakfast :)!

There are many more gems in there…I must check out her other writings!

*If you’re wondering about the asterisk on espresso, it is because I’ve been to countries where espresso is just considered a coffee that’s stronger than usual. Espresso is in fact a particular way of preparing coffee.  In other words, all espresso is coffee, but not all coffee is espresso. Espresso is made by forcing a shot of hot water at high pressure through very finely ground coffee. This results in a brew that is more concentrated, thicker, darker, and stronger in flavor than brewed coffee, And it’s eSpresso…not eXpresso 😉


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