GetAttachmentThe author of this blog is Kiki Bakshi — an irrepressible lover of life, with a joie de vivre as large as life itself! She’s a writer; soon-to-be-author; speaker; epicure; flamenco dancer; holistic psychotherapist; energy healer; ESL teacher; a practitioner of taichi, yoga, therapeutic grade essential oils, holistic health, and who knows what else in the future :)! Her zest for living pours itself out through the engaging entries in this blog, with their joyous quality of drawing in the reader, and then taking them on a journey of sorts!

For her, this blog is a sharing with those who, like her, believe that LIFE is to be celebrated—through it’s highs and lows,  laughter and tears, light hues and dark! Here, you’ll find an unending celebration of all that makes life worth-living—places, people, poetry, philosophy, music, food, and wine…and all life-affirming trivia that show up along the way. Raise that glass – CIN CIN!                                                                                                                                                       (pronounced ‘tchin tchin’ – that’s how the Italians say it!)

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