A very special cheese called DOUANIER

1622830_10152326162046327_8680752664535244644_nToday was turning out to be a normal Saturday after I adjusted to a change in my schedule. My afternoon flamenco class had got canceled at the last minute, and then I received the surprise of an unexpected gift of an assortment of cheeses. One of these was called Le Douanier (the Custom’s agent 🙂 )… apparently named so because the Fromagerie (the cheese farm) is located near the US/Canada border, in Quebec. Wanting to try them with good bread, something crusty and chewy, and some wine that would pair well, I decided to first go shopping. This is how everything looked!

To try the cheeses I opened the Douanier first, I enjoyed its beautiful nutty flavor, specifically pine nuts, so much that I decided not to open the others, not wanting to mix the different flavors. Having loved it so much I decided to google and get more information about the Douanier, and this is what I found:

untitled“Semi-soft cheese with a washed and brushed rind, refined by leaving in a drying room for more than nine weeks. It is separated in the middle by an edible vegetable ash, which is supposed to represent the ‘wall’, or the ‘Customs’ at the border, between Quebec and the U.S.

With aromas of the ‘terroir’ (the earth) and of vegetal growth, Douanier has hints of nuts and green apples on the palate.”

Other details:

Producer: Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser
Origin: Montérégie, Quebec
Rind: Washed
Milk: Cow pasteurized 
Texture: Semi-soft pressed
Fat: 24%
Humidity: 48%

I found it to be a truly lovely cheese, to be eaten on its own, if the subtle falvors are to be enjoyed! 🙂

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