A message from a tree :)

2013-12-25 11.52.53On the visit  to Muir Woods yesterday (picture alongside), I bought a beautiful little book ‘Advice from a TREE’ by author Ilan Shamir, from the gift shop there! In the preface, Ilan Shamir writes that the tree speaks to us like a wise friend — ‘someone who knows how to say just the right thing; at just the right moment, sharing its simple wisdom about life, about living in harmony with ourselves and with nature.’

I really loved the book and decided to share what it says with the readers of this blog! Here’s what the tree advises we do:

* Stand Tall and Proud

* Sink your Roots Deeply into the Earth

* Reflect the Light of Your Own True Nature

* Think Long Term

* Go Out on a Limb

 * Remember Your Place Among All Living Beings

* Embrace with Joy the Changing Seasons — for each Yields its own Abundance (this picture is from Montreal in the Fall)

– the Energy and Birth of Spring

– the Growth and Contentment of Summer

– the Wisdom to Let Go like Leaves in the Fall

– the Rest and Quiet Renewal of Winter

* Feel the Wind and the Sun and Delight in Their Presence

* Look up at the Moon that Shines Down Upon You

* And the Mystery of the Stars at Night

* Seek Nourishment from Good Things in Life

* Simple Pleasures — Earth, Fresh Air, Light

* Be Content with Your Natural Beauty

* Drink Plenty of Water

* Let Your Limbs Sway and Dance in the Breezes

* Be Flexible

* Remember Your Roots

and finally,

* Enjoy the View 🙂

A note: The capitalization is the author’s, not mine


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